Device mockups.
This was a great opportunity to capture some bespoke device mockups to be used on the Leto website redesign.

When we went through the process of redesigning the Leto website I thought I'd pull on some of my photography experience to capture some bespoke device mockups for the case studies.

I was tired of using the same stock device mockups that everyone else was using so took it upon myself to capture some orignial ones.

It definitely made for a nice change as I'm more used to capturing portraits but once you understand how to manipulate light and have mastered your camera, it's relatively simple.

The biggest takeaway for anyone hoping to capture their own product mockup shots is that natural window light from the top of the image looks great 99% of the time, and always try to support the product with props that help tell the story. It makes it a lot easier for someone seeing the image for a second to quickly understand what kind of product is in the mockup.

Also train your eye to look for opportunities in the most random of places as three of these images were captured in the exact same place, from different angles, with different props and they all connote very different meanings.


Aiwip is an innovative platform allowing students to print documents for free at their university. I designed the branding, website and dashboard.

I wanted to create the impression of a student library in our office so grabbed a set of drawers and rolled it over to the window. Window light from the top of the image always creates beautiful product shots.

Mr Glue

Mr Glue is an iPad app for children that brings back the joy and excitement of reading, allowing them to become a main hero and contribute to the stories as an author, illustrator and even record sound effects.

Luckily I have some Adventure Time toys next to my monitor and we have some lego knocking around the office which made for great supporting props. A piece of turf in our meeting room also gave the impression of a play area that a parent might have for their child to play on.


StandTall is an amazing service to help people suffering from abuse to find charitable help and advice.

Obviously this was quite a tricky 'story' to tell in a photo so I simplfied it with lots of natural light, a wooden table and a small plant connoting health and wellbeing.


For Admiral we created a learner driver insurance platform to compliment their existing motor insurance products.

Shooting these images looking out of our office window allowed me to capture some cars driving in the background connecting the two things (insurance and driving). No one in the office drives (we're based in London) so I used the keys to my flat to imply that someone has placed their car keys on their laptop whilst applying for car insurance.

Beauty Spotter

Beauty Spotter is a destination for hair and beauty salon discovery - connecting you directly with salons, stylists, make up and nail artists and the work that they create.

For this image I found a small set of drawers from our toilet and some lavender incense to help connect Beauty Spotter with health and beauty.

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