Established businesses need to innovate.
We were brought onboard to help Admiral with a new concept.

The team

My role

Design Sprint

Admiral is one of the UK’s leading car insurers, but with new competitors appearing constantly (tech driven startups) they wanted help to rapidly build a product to compliment their existing offering that was tailored specifically to the needs of young learner drivers.

Admiral didn't have any fully defined product ideas so we kicked off the project with a Design Sprint to enable us to do a deep dive into the business goals, generate as many ideas as possible and test the solution with actual users.

"We really wanted to enter a new market – although we’re one of the UK’s leading car insurers, learner driver insurance is something we haven’t done before. We’re very proud of the way we work and in particular our claims handling experience, so we wanted to bring that experience to more customers."

Day 1 - Understand

We undertook the Design Sprint with a small team from Admiral. Day 1 of the Sprint is the Understand phase where we all level up and fully deep dive into the business, learn all about the goals and fully understand what is achievable in the time frame and with the resource available.

We also prepare a persona based on their actual data, that reflects their target user. This helps us to understand who we're building the product for and also helps solidify product decisions.

Day 2 - Diverge

On day 2 of the Sprint we diverged, exploring as many potential product ideas as possible.

Admiral only had a loose idea of what they were hoping to achieve (which was to enter a new market) and it was our job to explore all possible solutions with the aim of refining it down on day 3 into one idea that we would persue and test.

Day 3 - Converge

Walking into day 3 we had dozens of potential ideas and were now tasked with voting and selecting the core features that we would focus on and test.

After several exercises designed to fascilitate the convergent process we settled on our idea to test (which I can't go into as it is still to be launched).

Day 4 - Prototype

On Day 4 of the Sprint we quickly iterated over potential design solutions and closed the day with a Marvel prototype that we could test the next day with users.

Day 5 - Test & Learn

We shared the prototype with several users from our target market that were screened using Typeform

Once we had selected our test users we shared the Marvel prototype and followed up with another Typeform to guage their feelings towards the design solution.

The Live Site

The prototype that we designed and tested during the Sprint ended up being quite complex so we pushed that back to a later phase and instead focused on a simpler solution to test the market.

We took the validation from day 5 of the Sprint as a key indicator that there was a business case to persue a product focused on young learner drivers.

The project was launched on time, in only 2 months from idea to live product. The team at Admiral were very pleased with the result and recommended us to other new initiatives internally.

"We thought the project flowed really well- we were surprised at how quickly we were able to get a whole new project and all the associated processes up and running."